Today the company «Professional Conferences» has the 15-year experience in providing congress services in the high quality and professional way. Owning to their excellent background and wide knowledge the specialists of the company will organize, hold and coordinate business events of every scale and categories for you.

While arranging and organizing an event of the widest spectrum Professional Conferences provides the following services:

Pre-event preparations:
  • Writing an event concept paper;
  • Budgeting;
  • Developing a draft agenda;
  • Developing an event special style:
    • designing and printing advertising and handout materials;
    • designing media kits;
    • creating gif and flash banners;
  • Searching for premises to hold an event:
    • equipment;
    • designing and decorating;
    • installing booths;
    • floristic decorating;
  • Selecting, inviting and accompanying speakers including international ones; signing international contracts with them;
  • Searching for financial sponsors of an event:
    • developing sponsor packages;
    • designing and printing sponsor packages;
  • Developing a media plan of an event advertising campaign:
    • searching for information sponsors of an event;
    • creating newsworthy information, writing articles;
    • preparing and distributing press materials;
    • publication monitoring;
    • media accreditation;
  • Developing an event web site, publishing, administering and search engine optimizing;
  • Developing and introducing interactive applications for smartphones and tablet PCs;
  • Sale of an event/searching for delegates with the use of our own database and leased databases:
    • sale via telephone;
    • e-mailing;
    • organization of mailing for advertising materials;
    • reservation of a space for outdoor advertising;
  • Tourist support to delegates/speakers leaving/entering the country:
    • hotel reservation;
    • visa/invitation support;
    • organizing transfers;
    • arranging excursions;
  • Administrative support to delegates:
    • registering delegates for an event;
    • delivering official invitations;
    • setting up a hot line;
    • preparing and issuing supporting documents (invoices, contracts, giving-receiving acts);
    • doing payments, settling accounts with clients;
    • Inviting/reminding registered clients about an event;
Coordination during an event:
  • Organizing registration for an event;
  • Developing and distributing event materials;
  • Providing clients with pens, notepads with event symbolic;
  • Coordinating meals;
  • Operator support;
  • Simultaneous interpreting;
  • Working with the press, organizing press-conferences;
  • Event photo shooting;
  • Event video shooting;
  • Live web broadcasting;
  • Organizing sms-voting, sms-notifications;
  • Providing information and reference terminals;
Post-event support:
  • Issuing and distributing a press-release;
  • Analysis of evaluation questionnaires;
  • Editing an event film/video spot;
  • Duplicating DVDs with an event record;
  • Creating an e-catalogue;
  • Courier service/correspondence delivery.