Our partners

ProfConferences, LLC has an impressive list of partners who consistently and regularly use our services tested through the years of our successful cooperation. We successfully cooperate with both leading domestic and foreign companies, having established mutually beneficial, strong business relations long ago.
International Partners

ICBI – the International Centre of Business Information
The International Centre of Business Information was established in 1993 for the organization of important international conferences. It specializes in annual conferences and holds about 40-45 ones every year in Europe mainly. The programs of the conferences cover a wide range of themes in very different fields such as finance, energy and business management. ICBI is a daughter company of Informa Plc and provides representatives of academic, scientific, professional, commercial and social community of all countries of the world with qualitative information by publishing materials, organizing conferences, consulting and holding trainings.
C5-online (former Euroforum)
For more than 20 years C5 including the American Conference Institute (ACI), the Canadian Institute (CI) and C5 Communications Ltd. (C5) has been successfully organizing conferences, summits, business events worldwide. The events of C5 provide the participants with an independent platform for business meeting, exchange of the experience and information on the latest market trends, knowledge that are necessary to make effective business decisions. The head office of C5 that sites in London holds more than 100 events a year including for the East Europe and Russia/CIS. Owning to the high-level organization and qualitative content many conferences held by C5 became annual events and C5 by right won the reputation of a successful conference provider. The C5 conferences are of a niche type and investigate the most topical issues of different sectors and industries of the economy including: direct investments, bank sector, power energy, infrastructure projects, fixed-term market and others.
Informa Telecoms & Media
The activity of Informa is aimed to provide services in the field of business intelligence and strategic planning for the global telecommunication and media markets. The results of researches, the analysis of trends and the gathering of initial data, holding of the conferences and individual training, our unique product made on the basis of deep insight of markets in which we are working, allow our clients to make the most beneficial business decisions. Informa Telecoms & Media is the organizer of 3GSM World Congress. Last year 34000 leaders and managers met at the exhibition to discuss key problems and opportunities facing the mobile community. Every month over 10,000 persons use the analyses being contained in the on-line bulletins, journals, reports and also order investigations to make critical decisions for doing business.
Institute for International Research
Institute for International Research has been the world's largest company-developer and organizer of professional conferences and the leading provider of the business information for last 33 years. IIR annually develops and establishes more than 3000 events thanks to the branched out network of representations in 26 countries of the world. The main services of IIR are:
  • Organization of conferences
  • Organization of workshops
  • Organization of trainings.
The Telecoms and Technology London Divisions of IIR was established as a developer and organizer of special telecommunication conferences that have a strategic orientation. Our conferences are developed for telecommunication operators and manufacturers, are international and concentrated on the most topical problems of the industry. The Finance Division of IIR was established as a developer and organizer of special conferences and trainings on financial subjects. Sections: corporate finance, bank operations, investments, insurance, taxation, accounting, finance management, audit and risks. The main advantages of the Telecommunication events of IIR:
  • IIR is an independent company. Analytical information which is not dependent on manufacturers of equipment and practical results of the activity of specific companies are presented at the events held by IIR
  • The experience of all leading international companies is represented
  • The content of trainings and conferences – new knowledge in the field of technologies and business in telecommunications
  • Finance.
Management – The workshops of IIR on strategic planning are dedicated seminars – presentations of experts / “guru” in the field of marketing, management, strategy. So, 
Objectivity – impartiality, no advertising presentations.
Timeliness – topicalityof offered information.
Hands-on solutions – speakers share valuable commercial experience and give specific examples.
Media Partners

All-Russia State Television-Radio Channel (VGTPK) – Information Channel RUSSIA 24
The television channel RUSSIA 24. The first and only Russian information channel broadcasting round the clock: world news and news of the regions of our country. Economic analytics and interview of the most influential persons. Live broadcasting without any reductions of the most important world events – economic forums, meetings and summits, spacecraft launches are brand identity of the TV channel.

GLONASS/GNSS Forum Association
The mission of GLONASS/GNSS Forum Association, established in October 2007, is to implement a comprehensive plan package for boosting development of GLONASS. The Association unites more than 50 key Russian companies and organisations engaged in GLONASS development, manufacturers of satellite equipment (applications) and satellite navigation technology users. GLONASS/GNSS Forum Association coordinates the activities of various categories of company and organisation engaged in development, production and commercial use of GLONASS-based equipment and applications, analyses and selects GLONASS development priorities in Russia, participates in government policy-making in the field of GLONASS commercial use and cooperates with Russian and foreign partners to enhance the investment appeal, material and technical resources and scientific expertise of the Russian companies.
Expocentre ZAO
Expocentre is a globally known Russian organizer of the largest trade shows and conventions in Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and Eastern Europe.
Annually Expocentre Fairgrounds hosts more than 100 international exhibitions and more than 600 congresses, symposiums and conferences. These events welcome around 25 thousand exhibitors from over 100 countries and more than 1.3 million professional visitors.
Expocentre widely uses the latest exhibition and marketing technologies to offer its exhibitors and visitors a large choice of professional solutions for effective preparation and holding of any types of shows, as well as the most comfortable environment for b2b activities.
Expocentre’s events provide a pathway to the Russian market for many foreign and Russian manufacturers who show the latest developments, technology and innovations. These events create the perfect environment to search for partners and beneficial business contacts, and to present new products and trademarks. They cover all important sectors of the Russian economy such as the oil and gas industry, machine building, food industry, health care, power engineering, etc.
All exhibitions held by Expocentre are supported by Russian federal executive authorities and national industry associations, and enjoy auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Moscow City Government.
Expocentre is a member of such leading international associations as UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, EMECA – the European Major Exhibition Centres Association, ICCA – the International Congress and Convention Association, AIPC – the International Association of Convention Centres, IFES – the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services, IAEE – the International Association of Exhibitions and Events, and RUEF – the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs.
JSC "Progress MRI"
Partnership. We believe that close cooperation is the way to mutual success and the key essential element to reach the high targets: creation of quality products that meet specific markets’ and customers’ needs; complete service solution from design development to production and marketing. What we do must be tailored to customers’ needs and match to markets specifics and trends. MRI «Progress» conduct research and development projects in close collaboration with all stakeholders in order to deliver the results on time and in high quality.
Innovation. Microelectronic industry itself is rapidly growing and innovative. A powerful trend in contemporary Russian society - innovations must become one of the main principles for the development of our company. Innovations are not limited to science and research only, we will push innovation limits also in more effective forms of cooperation, management and self-development. The constant introduction of innovations in R&D, services and technologies will be the driving force for our «Progress».
Technology. Microelectronics industry is driven by technologies. Innovation and Partnership reinforce the technological basis for the successful implementation of knowledge and skills in the real products. We imply technology as the most convenient, economical and rational sequence of actions to reach the target in research or administrative functions, in economics and communications as well. Our company will create technologies that will satisfy and serve the state and society needs in the best way.
Journal “Navigation News”
The journal has been registered by the RF Ministry of press, teleradiocommunications and mass media under the registration number PI №77-5073.
The journal publishes official state documents, articles, papers and synopses on actual problems of the development of navigation aids and technologies for wide range of readers. The journal also presents summaries and presentations from conferences, symposia, meetings and workshops, operating information on navigation business and novel products, status of navigation systems, institutional changes in transportation and industry, information about RPIN activities and other national navigation institutes and international organizations as International Association of Institutes of Navigation, ICAO, IMO, International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities, European Space Agency, Eurocontrol, etc. There are columns of calendars of international, national and regional events and abstracts of new books and publications.
The journal is intended for specialists in navigation of aircraft, marine and river vessels, space and terrestrial vehicles, pilot, geodetic and geoinformation support, hydrography, land utilization, geodetic survey etc.