4 September 2014
Leadership and Profit – Two Hands of One Success

This way Alexander Zaitsev, Chief General Manager of Maison Dellos, Alfa-Bank Leader’s Friday Project participant, called his presentation. The graduate of the MSU Faculty of Journalism joined the restaurant business 15 years ago and finds it to be “tasty” to this day.
During the meeting Alexander shared his recipes of leadership in business: not to be afraid of trying, to make unaccustomed things the accustomed ones. Not be afraid of taking risks, how to make profit out of a formula with all the unknowns. Not to be afraid of something new, how to to move forward if out of 100 proposals 99 were declined. Not to dare to select a weak team for yourself, how the king is made by the retinue. Alexander’s live examples with humor could not leave the audience unfazed. And we received such feedback from an Alfa-Bank representative: “Perfect interlocutor. Involved, open, interesting. Alexander’s experience is vast, but the main thing is he can voice what exactly helped him reach his results. How he came to them. This is very important, because very often a successful man doesn’t know what exactly impacted success. The speaker inspired us very much by the wish to develop and to LOVE people”.