9 June 2012

On June 5 the II International Congress “ERA-GLONASS” took place in Moscow. The event was visited by the members of the government of the Russian Federation, the representatives of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of  Emergency Measures of Russia, the members of the Eurasian Economic Commission, the head of world motor-car manufacturers, Association “GLONASS/GNSS-Forum”. The visitors discussed the condition and implementation prospects of the project “ERA-GLONASS”, issues of the compatibility of the Russian system and the European eCall and an experience of the introduction of “ERA-GLONASS” in the regions of the Russian Federation.
The main results of the development of the state project “ERA-GLONASS” were presented to the participants of the congress. General Director of OJSC “NIS” Alexandr Gurko said that in the three pilot zones (the Moscow, Leningrad regions and in Kursk) there have already passed successful tests of models of ERA-GLONASS automobile terminals. Also the determination of correctness of joint functioning of the infrastructure of the system “ERA-GLONASS” with the system-112. On the basis of the map of the project approved by the Commission on Modernization and Technological Development under President of the Russian Federation the system “ERA-GLONASS” will have been launched in commercial operation by 2014 and will cover all the regions of the Russian Federation. In its completed variant the infrastructure of “ERA-GLONASS” will consist of 8 navigation centers and 72 switching hubs in the regions of the country.

One of the main themes of the Congress was the harmonization of the European system eCall with the Russian “ERA-GLONASS”. The project eCall is effectively being developed and introduced in Europe (the start of operation is planned for 2015). OJSC “NIS GLONASS” holds regular meetings with the committee of eCall. At the Congress there took place a session of the working group of “eCall/“ERA-GLONASS” formed by OJSC “NIS”, ERTICO and ‘ITS-Russia” for supporting the harmonization of these two systems.

At the session of the working group “eCall/“ERA-GLONASS” which was held in the framework of the Congress “ERA-GLONASS” they said that the requirements for the automobile terminals “ERA-GLONASS” developed by OJSC “NIS” are approved by European motor-car manufacturers. Also the necessity of work on unification of automobile systems of emergency services call, monitoring of vehicles, gathering of the payment for the use of roads and systems of recording labor regime and driver rest built on the base of navigation technologies was confirmed.

The congress brought together more than 650 delegates from 16 countries of the world. They included heads of the Russian and foreign auto concerns, such as Audi, BMV, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ and UAZ, heads of mobile operators (“MTS”, “Beeline”, “MegaFon”), manufacturers of component base and automobile electronics (Peiker Acoustic, Continental, Qualcomm), experts in standardization.