30 November 2015
Control Technical Means as a Source of Information while Settling Insured Events under ‘Unlimited Europrotocol’

Organizing a process and establishing unified approaches of settling losses with the use of control technical means in Insured Events under ‘Unlimited Europrotocol’ – this is what is important today for insurers, manufacturers of special equipment and motorists. Andrei Makletsov, Head of the European Protocol, Russian Association of Motor Insurers, will present his point of view at the Conference “Smart Insurance” at WTC on December7.

The Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI) is a non-profit organisation that is a consolidated all-Russian professional association founded on the principle of compulsory membership of insurers that exercise obligatory liability insurance of motor vehicle owners. It acts in order to provide interaction of its affiliates and establishment of professional rules of conduct in the implementation of compulsory insurance.

The Association implements its activity in accordance with Federal Law No. 40-FZ of 25 April 2002 «On compulsory insurance of third party liability of motor vehicle owners».

The Russian Association of Motor Insurers supports holding the 4th International Conference «Smart Insurance».