26 January 2015
On May 14, 2015 there will be the Conference "Information Technologies for Increasing the Quality of Service to Public Transport Passengers"

The public transport is an integral part of million people's lives. Daily the drivers of buses, trolley-buses and trams set out on routes. It is done to make the transportation of citizens more convenient. The public transport also benefits the city. It, unlike private cars, uses the deficient space of narrow streets at maximum, thus it releases roads from traffic jams.
Everyone knows that the public transport doesn't exist on its own. It is a unified system with transport fleets. The information and information & navigation technologies play an important role in this system. It incorporates different systems of information service and public address, mobile apps, ground public transport advertising, equipping transport with GLONASS systems, video surveillance and security systems. This direction gives many opportunities to companies of different industries. The conference "Information Technologies for Increasing the Quality of Service to Public Transport Passengers" is set up to discuss main tendencies and directions of such technologies. It will take place on May 14, 2015, as apart of the exhibition "Electronics-Transport - 2015".
The conference will be attended by representatives of state agencies responsible for introducing innovative technologies into urban transportation facilities, heads and specialists of transport organizations responsible for creating and using information technology systems, companies developing and providing integrated information systems, software and web content, mobile app developers, .geo-targeting service providers.
Your company also has the opportunity to participate in the conference as a delegate, speaker, sponsor or a partner. Please contact ProConferences by phone + 7 495 663-2466