12 November 2014
«The Next 10-15 Years: China's Development Strategy for Energy, Transportation, Infrastructure». Michio Kaku’s workshop for the West Siberian Bank of "Sberbank of Russia"

Dr. Michio Kaku, famous theoretical physicist, bestselling author, renowned futurist, popularizer of science, co-creator of string field theory, came to Tyumen on the invitation of the West Siberian Bank of Sberbank of Russia. This time the discussion was focused on prospects of China’s development in different industries, as well the influence of this country’s development pace on Russian economy and the global economy as a whole.  
 The closed event was attended by representatives of Sberbank corporate client sector, top managers of key companies in energy, transport and gas & oil sectors. The event was followed by the press-conference attended by regional mass media. According to a representative of the West Siberian Bank, Michio Kaku’s workshop was perfect in terms of its content, and the speaker’s presentation skills are already well-known by a wide public, including the one in Russia