17 November 2014
View Speakers of the 3d International Conference “Smart Insurance”

The 3d International Conference is a platform for live debating, creating new reality of auto insurance in Russia, and generating Smart Insurance solutions.  The conference will bring together representatives of large auto insurance and telematics companies that have invaluable experience in the business, as well as their own views of the smart insurance development in Russia.

The following participants have confirmed their participation:

Robert F. Nguen, Business Development Manager, Meta System Rus, «Innovative Solutions for Insurance Telematics»

Sergei V. Irevli, B2B Products Director, OJSC Mobile TeleSystems, «MTS Solution for In-Vehicle Smart Insurance»

Sergei A. Maslenkov, Director of Development, Smart Insurance Consulting, «Insurance Telematics Development Risks»

Vladimir A. Sviridenko, Vice President for Technologies, Spirit-Navigation, «The Smartphone-Based Navigation Solution for the Smart Insurance of Auto and Health Care has Already been Developed. How to Use it?»

Gleb Yu. Erokhin, CEO, All Evacuators of Russia, «Creating Adaptive Services on the Example of New Insurance Products in the Auto Insurance Segment»

Vladimir S. Makarenko Director of Development, Fort-Telecom, «What can the SMT Manufacturers Give to Insurance Companies?»

Semyen O. Fokin, Director of the Automobiles Directorate, Caesar Satellite,  «Examples of ERA-GLONASS-based Commercial Services Practical Implementation»

Denis A. Gavrilov, CEO, SK Nezavisimost, «Insurance Telematics Introduction Experience «Important. New Insurance»   

Peter V. Khalipov, Deputy CEO, Raxel Telematics, «How is the Insurance Telematics Converted into Real Profits?»

Alexei V. Shchurko, CEO, Gurtam, «Smart Insurance Implicit Threats»

Maria I. Chizhikova, Deputy CEO, SMTDP Technology, «The System of Managing Digital Fraud Incidents in Insurance Companies»

Yuliya G. Mazanko, Director, PRORESURS, «Applying the Smart Insurance System Technical Basis in Leasing»

Andrei V. Shchrov, Managing Director, Lokarus, «The Dynamic Decode-and-Forward (DDF) Protocol as a Way to Cut PAYD-System Operators’ Expenses»

Mikhail A. Anokhin, Development Director, R-Telematika,  «Drivejournal New Product Presentation»

Iliya Antipov, Director of Product Development and Management, SMTDP Technology,  «Europrotocol System Mobile Applications; Markets and Commercialization»

Yuriy Voloshin, Director of Sales, All Evacuators of Russia, «Using Millions of Mobile Devices for Selling Auto Insurance»

During the conference the attendees will be able to ask speakers questions, to learn about Smart Insurance ready product solutions, to study examples of the international practice in applying telematics systems to Smart Insurance programs and opportunities of its use for enhancing the insurance business efficiency in Russia.

The conference agenda keeps being changed, new speakers and presentations keep being included. Keep track of changes to the agenda  here>

The conference “Smart Insurance” attracts different companies working in this business. Here are some of the companies that confirmed their participation:

Arval, Gurtam, Meta System S.p.A., Smart Insurance Consulting, SpaceTeam® Holding, Spirit DSP, Toyota Tsusho Europe S.A., Toyota Tsusho ID Systems GmbH, AvantTek, Auto-Shchit, Autokonneks, All Evacuators of Russia, GalileoSky, Caesar Satellite, Golden Eye, Renaissance Insurance Group , Журнал Avtoreklama Magazine, Lokarus, the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia, Mobile TeleSystems, Moscow Rep. Office of Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., MT-System, Navtelecom, Itelma, Belgorod Information Fund, PRORESURS, RADIOTERMINAL, Raxel Telematics, Rostelecom, Nezavisimost Insurance Company, SMTDP Technology, StarLine, Severnaya Kazna Insurance Company, Summa Telecom, Toyota Insurance Management, Ural Technical Expertise, Fort-Telecom, the Central Research Institute of Machine Building and others.

Your company also has a chance to participate in the conference as a delegate, speaker, sponsor or a partner. Please contact Professional Conferences by phone + 7 (495) 66 324 66 or email: office@proconf.ru