10 November 2014
On December, 4 there to be 3d International Conference Smart Insurance

Smart Insurance is not by far new field in countries of Europe and the USA. The auto insurance has already been working in a “smart way” for over 10 years, and each year it continues to get more popular. Owing to the widespread use of in-car telematics devices the insurance companies got an opportunity to evaluate client driving style and to provide more accurate and “accident-free” drivers with their policy discounts.

The special equipment allows tracking driver’s actions, quickly determining circumstances that caused an accident, finding out what was the speed of the car, etc. The insurance rate is calculated depending on driving manner of each motorist. It is a chance for drivers to cut expenses on buying a policy and for insurance companies to avoid fraud.

The 3d International Conference Smart Insurance is a unique open discussion platform for all companies and organizations that are interested in the development of this new for Russia type of insurance services. The goal of the conference is to discuss important issues and proposals for the successful and widespread introduction of smart insurance services in Russia.

The conference will cover examples of international practices of applying telematics systems to Smart Insurance programs, opportunities of their use for enhancing the insurance market efficiency in Russia, as well as analyzed factors restraining the growth of this kind of insurance and ways of solving these problems.

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To participate as a delegate, speaker, sponsor or a partner, please contact Professional Conferences by phone + 7 (495) 66 324 66 or email: office@proconf.ru