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In the past during 20 years Jack Welch was Head of the Board and General Director of GE (“General Electric”) – a versatile industrial-financial enterprise. For the period of his management the market cost of the company went up by $400 bill. The sales volume grew by $100 bill and the profit – by $14 bill. GE became the second company in the world in terms of profitability and the most expensive in terms of cost.
Also Welch is the author of the best seller “Jack: Straight from the Gut” which made real furor and was sold in the number of 1 million copies in the world. “Winning” is other Jack's bestseller written together with his spouse Susie Welch. In 2006 in the world and in January 2007 in Russia there was also Jack and Susie Welch’s book “Winning: The Answers” published.
At present Welch is head of the company” Jack Welch, LLC” which advises on strategic questions a narrow circle of General Directors of the companies presented in the rating of “Fortune 500”.