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An expert in the field of service, a doctor of philosophy, Janelle Barlow is president of TMI US, a partner of TM International – a transnational and consulting group. Together with Klaus Muller she has written the best seller in the sphere of business “A Complain Is a Gift: Using Customer Feedback as a Strategic Tool”.
Janelle is also the author of books: “Emotional Value: Building Strong Relationships with Customers” and “Smart Videoconferencing: New Habits for Virtual Meetings”. Her book “The Stress Manager” is used at the popular course of TMI of the same name.
Janelle took a doctor's degree at Californian University in Berkeley where she studied political science and pedagogy. She holds two degrees of a master – the one – on international relationships, the second – on psychology – and is a licensed expert in marriage and family. Janelle is married with a son.
She was twice awarded the prestigious title “International Trainer of Year” that is given by the company “Time Manager International”. Janelle is dealing with the problems of a brand in different countries such as Croatia, India, Poland, China, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico and Papua-New Guinea. The National Speakers Association, in the Council of which Janelle is an elective member, called her a “Certified Speaking Professional”. Before her joining TMI Janelle was the founder of an educational corporation which organized large-scale training events for thousand people. In her youth for three years she lived at Taiwan where there arose her interest in various ideas and approaches in the field of management. Janelle has got the reputation of an excellent lecturer, an adviser, a leader of seminars in the field of practical management. Over 100 thousand person from all continents took part in the trainings of Janelle and she always provoked everybody’s admiration.