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Jack Trout is the well-known author of several classical works in the field of marketing published in many languages of the world: “Positioning: Fight for Consciousness”, “Marketing Wars”, “Big Problems of Big Brands: Painful Lessons”, “Stand Out or Die!”, “The Magic Lamp of a Businessman”, “22 Indisputable Rules of Marketing”, and his recent work “Trout about Strategy”.
Being one of the most influential strategists in the field of marketing, Trout is the author of the concept “Positioning” and some other important concepts of market strategy. Possessing more than 40 years experience in advertising and marketing, Trout is a main adviser of the largest world companies and global consulting activity became for him a source of real knowledge in the field of various marketing scenarios.
Trout has won the world recognition as an adviser, an author, a speaker and a main adherent of advanced marketing strategies.