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28 March 2014
Why the game is worth the candle and the best coach’s words from Boris Mikhailov to Alfa Bank leaders

On March 28, in the framework of Alfa Bank internal project “Leader Fridays”, there was a presentation by the legendary Russian hockey player, the honored coach of Russia Boris Mikhailov, the holder of the titles “Best Forward at the IIHF World Championships: 1973, 1979”, “Top Goal Scorer at the IIHF World Championships: 1977, 1978”, “Top Scorer at the World Championship: 1974”.

Mikhail shared his experience in personality-making and team-building as a key part of achieving results. The meeting participants emotionally discussed the topic: what personality traits allow becoming a leader, achieving a success analyzing your mistakes and success on the way of achieving a result. And, in general, being a leader – an ignoble mission? What we get being a leader. Why is the game worth the candle?

The presentation by Boris Mikhailov was organized with the assistance of Professional Conferences.