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24 July 2014
Author’s program “Business Leader’s Health” by Michael and Juliette McGannon

On July 22-23 the event for Sberbank employees on the author’s program “Business Leader’s Health” took place with the participation of Michael and Juliette McGannon, who had been invited by Sberbank Corporate University. The event was organized by Professional Conferences.

“Business Leader’s Health” is a part of the large-scale program “Health” that Sberbank has been implementing since 2012. The program includes forming a positive attitude to healthy life style, preventing illnesses (including complex medical examinations, upon results of which the employees receive “health passports” with risk evaluation), voluntary medical insurance. 

Michael McGannon, MD, is a specialist in in preventative medicine, particularly as it applies to corporate life. He holds a doctorate in medicine from Georgetown University (Washington, DC, USA) and a post-doctoral gastro-intestinal & cholesterol research fellowship from Stanford University (California, USA).