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20 November 2013
MTS confirmed its participation as a speaker in the 2nd International Conference "Smart Insurance"

The Director of the Department for Development and Product Management for the Business Market, Sergei Irevli will deliver the speech "Joint Projects with Insurance Companies" at  the conference. 
MTS staff and transport monitoring services are used by around 5,000 companies. 
700,000 people and 10,000 automobiles are connected to the monitoring services.
For the monitoring services MTS uses a telematics platform that allows integrating and receiving data practically from any telematics equipment; processing received data and forming appropriate reports. 
The mobile subscriber database is a big plus for B2B2C products with user interfaces on smartphones. 
Also the conference will be attended by:

  • Russian insurance companies providing or considering possibility to provide smart insurance services
  • Foreign players of the insurance market having positive experience in providing such services
  • Automobile manufacturers and auto dealers using, in partnership with insurance companies, such services while selling their products
  • Developers and manufacturers of telematics equipment designed for technical support to the delivery of smart insurance services
  • Developers of software for the delivery of smart insurance services, system integrators
  • Experts in the field of auto insurance, as well as in the field of insurance legislation.
You can find the most updated version of the agenda on the website.

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