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12 November 2013
“RobotExpo -2014. Service Robots and Technologies”

Professional Conferences announces the launch of new project “RobotExpo -2014. Service Robots and Technologies”.

In the company specialists’ opinion the project has a great potential and promises to grow into the same big scale project as International Satellite Navigation Forum. The co-organizer of the project is Expocentre Fairgrounds, the expert partner is Navirobot Group.

On May 12-14, 2014, within the framework of the project, there will be the 1st International Forum on Service Robots and Robotics Technologies, the Exhibition “RobotExpo -2014”, as well as Compressorhead Robot Rock-Band Show, in Moscow.

     The goal of the project is to organize Russia’s first international exhibition of non-industrial robotics at the level of the biggest European industry exhibitions of consumer electronics. According to the organizers, the main mission of the project is to change the attitude towards personal robotics in the mind of Russian society (both of users and of businesses, scientific community, manufacturers). The service robots are already one of the realities of daily living, despite the fact that they are represented by few mass-consumption products so far. Vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, window and pool cleaners, social bots – this is just the beginning of an era that has already come.

Look for details soon on the website: www.robo-forum.ru