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29 October 2013
On the 4th December 2013 the 2nd International Conference "Smart Insurance" will take place at Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Professional Conference will once again bring together Russian insurance companies, foreign players of the insurance market, automobile manufacturers and auto dealers, telematics equipment developers and manufacturers, developers of software for the delivery of smart insurance services, as well as experts in the field of auto insurance including in the field of insurance legislation. 

The conference is a unique open discussion platform for everyone interested and involved in the process of developing this new type of insurance services of companies and organizations.

In Europe concluding PAYD (Pay As You Drive) insurance contracts is an old practice, and every year the number of these contracts grows by 25% at average.  The system consists in using information about driving patterns, as well as the number of miles driven, received from in-vehicle telematics systems to calculate auto insurance premiums. The smart insurance technologies have a number of advantages for both insurance companies and drivers.  They help insurers save a maximum possible size of actuarial reserves,  reduce business risks, prevent insurance fraud cases, as well as lower policy prices for customers.  The telematics systems help motorists not only significantly save money while subscribing to KASKO policy, but also solve controversial issues at the occurrence of an insured accident.
Over the years of using "smart insurance" programs in Europe, the specialists noted that the offered premiums had positively influenced the behavior of customers of insurance companies - the number of insurance fraud cases had decreased, and the drivers had started to strive for more accurate driving patterns.

Unfortunately, this type of insurance is not so widespread in Russia so far, as in more developed countries, and a number of questions still remains open, such as: 
• What will be with this type of insurance in Russia?
• What challenges stand in the way of developing smart insurance and what are solutions?
• What is specificity of the implementation of smart insurance in our country?
• What insurance products are already available today and what ones will appear in the insurance service market in the nearest future?

We offer you to find answers together. To participate please contact Professional Conferences by phone + 7 (495) 663-2466 or email: office@proconf.ru